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Abortologen - new excerpt from Jordfäst's "Av stoft"

Sep 29 2022

The second single from “Av stoft” – the upcoming album of Swedish blackened metal duo Jordfäst – is an excerpt from “Abortologen”. “Av stoft” is due for release on all formats on October 28, 2022.

Pre-order "Av stoft":

As with many acts on the Nordvis roster, the forces of nature play a significant role in Jordfäst’s thematic content. What sets them apart is the focus on her destructive qualities – in particular how they tend to humble mankind. Another focal point is that of humanity’s tendency to treat one another even worse than we do the natural world. All material is composed and arranged to bring immersion and depth to the tales enacted through the lyrics. This formula makes for a highly versatile and varied work, steeped with the desperate echoes from the grim past of bygone Scandinavia.

The band commented:

“Abortologen” combines melodies rooted in Scandinavian folk music and razor-sharp thorns of thrash metal – both elements blended into an eerie concoction of sorrow and brutality. Lyrically, the song bears some resemblance to a broadside ballad; it tells the tragic tale of a young girl who becomes pregnant after being raped by her priest. In order to protect his reputation as a man of God, he forces her to terminate the pregnancy by having a back-alley abortion. The preacher finances the procedure with his gold, but the girl pays with her life and the secret follows both mother and child into the grave.