Artist appreciation series - Pt. 2: Bròn

Jan 11 2022

In part two of our new series, we turn to KG of Serbia-based atmospheric black metal band Bròn.

KG commented:

These two photos were taken on the Serbian side of Stara planina, a huge mountain straddling the border between Serbia and Bulgaria. Topli do – the village shown in the photographs – is of particular note for its vehement opposition to 2019 plans for building mini hydro dams on the Temštica river, which would essentially have left the villagers without a water source.

Topli do, with its population of little over a hundred people, aided by volunteers, engaged in a disruption campaign against the project, culminating in physical clashes with investors and their private security firms. Ultimately, these investors were chased from the area and the project ended up scrapped. A nice little victory. This area is a vast and sparsely populated wilderness – steeped in history and folklore – which has provided me with a lot of inspiration for Bròn.