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Artist appreciation series - Pt. 5: Grift

Apr 12 2022

Nordvis artist appreciation – fifth edition.

This instalment features Erik Gärdefors from Grift, one of the first artists we signed to Nordvis.

Erik commented:

During my waking hours, it is from the distinct mood which sets in around both dawn and dusk that I draw the most inspiration. These are also times of the day when nature is left largely undisturbed. In the first photo, I’m overlooking a marsh where a dozen or so black grouses are engaged in their wonderful play. It was taken shortly after sunrise on a frosty April’s morning.

The second photo is from a hike in the mountains. The weather up there can shift from one moment to the next; sunshine turns to rain in the blink of an eye. Obviously, this is the ideal time to set up your mess kit under a boulder and prepare some lunch.

Ever since childhood, harvest time has been of great importance to me. Around these parts, the meadows are harvested in mid-August – after all the plants have seeded themselves. In the photo, I’m on my way home from the reaping, carrying the scythe shaft on my shoulder.

Most of my songs come to me in the croft depicted in the photo. Not only is it my place of residence, but that’s also where parts of my albums are recorded. Life out here is rather simple and traditional, with neither drainage nor running water.

I have a little herb garden on my property. The plants grown here are either used fresh to season my food or dried to serve as incense for Grift concerts. The herbs shown in the photo are hyssop, lavender, lamb's ear, sage, and oregano.

Grift artist profile at Nordvis: