Artist appreciation series - Pt. 7: Blodtår

May 26 2022

Today we hear from Blodtår – a Swedish black metal band that recently came to prominence with a self-titled EP.

Carl commented:

Scandinavians who love nature but spend their earthly existences in urban surroundings tend to direct their affection more towards a forest imagined in their mind than one they have first-hand experience of. Something reminiscent of deep, untouched wilderness with lush vegetation – unlike whatever nature escape they might have local access to.

Walking in the nearby forest, I often catch myself daydreaming about a thicker, wilder, and deeper woodland. I have concluded that this ‘dream forest’ is where I draw my creative inspiration from. It’s almost as if our greatest love of nature is for the forest as a concept. The culture arisen out of our Nordic woods becomes my creative and spiritual guide. We are fortunate to have at hand vast amounts of amazing art dealing with this subject.

The first photo shows a patch of rocks I often stop by to admire. There’s something about this slope, with its moss-covered stones, that gives me strong John Bauer feelings. Everything about this part of my walk feels enchanted.

The second picture shows me staring towards the clear-blue sky we Swedes spend most of the remaining year longing for. ‘April weather’ is a Nordic term which essentially means that winter never fully releases its grip until the end of April. These photos were taken in April 2022.

The third image shows my cat as she gets to experience the forest for the first time. Having her at home with me is incredibly rewarding in terms of my personal connection with nature and the wilderness. I like to watch her moving around and hunting things in my apartment. For a fleeting moment, her usually friendly eyes light up with a predatory gaze – seeing this brings me closer to something non-human and untamed. I treasure the fact that she’s able to share her feral side with a human companion.

Blodtår artist profile at Nordvis: