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A first memory in the process of what became Bergraven is when I, Pär Stille, walked the forests around where I grew up (Skåne, Sweden) and sat down at dusk to watch the rays of the sun fall on a tree. I experienced a pang of emotions so strong that I had to find a way to express them or rather put them out of me in some way. Being already into making music and lyrics it became the natural medium of trying to create how I felt about everything that was NOT the rays of the sun falling on a tree. Such a peaceful and calming sight is like nothing else in life and to sort all other impressions and feelings I started to write lyrics about them.

The name BERGRAVEN came to me as a play on words describing a mountain of darkness building up inside that was the result of all impressions and emotions I gathered from all around me. BERG in Swedish translates to mountain and RAVEN being the bird but also pitch black. My thoughts were that the black mountain inside could somehow be less hard to ascend/descend if I somehow could express the feelings and make them into lyrics and music. Then they would leave me in a way that would be almost like a bird leaving its nest. This was sometime in the first years of the second millenium and has been a kind of therapy ever since.

The main focus over the years has been to obtain a nerve in the music, balancing on the edge of a knife, trying to create an atmosphere representing what I feel inside and that could be very dynamic in terms of everything at once or just a sole guitar strumming quietly. Being of a truly varied musical background I never felt that genre is that much of a thing to focus on, I rather do what I think fits the best but always try to find that nerve I consider necessary for my lyrics and what I want to acquire with what I do. Three albums have been released, a fourth is on its way and the fifth is soon to be mixed and planned for release.