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BLOOD AND SUN partners with Nordvis

Dec 9 2019

We’re proud to announce that we have forged a union with American folk singer & songwriter Luke Tromiczak and his outlet Blood and Sun. Blood and Sun emanates a vision that shares a common ground with several elements that feed the heart of  Nordvis. Like most bonds in the Nordvis family there’s a story behind this collaboration that goes back a few years; to an Ostara celebration in the midwest United States and introduction by mutual friends. Now we can finally unveil “Love & Ashes,” the highly anticipated 2nd Blood and Sun album, will be presented and released on February 28th 2020.  A pillar of an album and milestone in American folk music. If you enjoy the tunes of artists such as Woven Hand & Leonard Cohen, this is definitely something for you.

Cover artwork for "Love and Ashes" revealed below.

Blood and Sun
Love & Ashes
Release date: February 28th, 2020.

Luke Tromiczak continues,

- I am pleased to announce that after two years of work on the album which has become Love and Ashes, I am partnering with Nordvis for its release. Nordvis has come highly recommended from my close friends and fans of Andreas' curatorial vision, which encapsulates the contemplative spirits of snow covered forests and psychotropic visions of the Aurora Borealis. I am excited to bring Blood and Sun's second album, Love and Ashes, to you as the fruits of this new partnership.

- Love and Ashes offers nine new songs written over the past six years, recorded within a myriad of geographies: from under the shadows of Manhattan's skyscrapers, to Studio Gare du Nord in the Green Mountains, to a shack in the Emerald Triangle of Northern California, to the expansive midwestern plains, to the starry deserts of central Mexico.

- It is a travelogue of ruminations: offering blessings of restoration to kindred spirits but a pointed curse to any bairn who attempts to grasp it.