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Blood and Sun

Blood and Sun is dark folk written by Luke Tromiczak and performed by a rotating group of musicians from across the United States.

Formed in 2011, the group has received international praise for its dark, brooding, gothic songwriting. Blood and Sun thematically wrestles with personal tribulations and drive intertwined with metaphysical and pagan currents, delivering soaring and haunting melodies extolling the heroism and tragedy of life, its joyous excess and the vertigo of fate.

Although the music has an ancient sound, and nostalgia for the arcane, the band does not align itself with hateful rhetoric or ideologues and is not political in nature. Blood and Sun hopes for a world that is empowering to all of its listeners, where individuals of all backgrounds and identities are treated fairly, with respect, compassion and intrigue for our shared human condition. We strive for a re-sacralization of the world that adds to the mystery and awe in life. A world of meaning and purpose felt and shared.

In 2013, Tromiczak relocated from his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota to Brooklyn, New York to pursue his MFA, and continues to write and perform as Blood and Sun across the United States, Canada, and Europe with an ever expanding cast of characters and longstanding friends.