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AFSKY – Ofte jeg drømmer mig død, DigiCD

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AFSKY's second album "Ofte Jeg drømmer mig død" is a journey through the cultural history of Denmark, focusing on poems and lyrics by well-known and lesser-known Danish writers such as H.C. Andersen, Emil Aarestrup and others - reflections on the eternal misery in the age of industrialization, when people were considered "human material", trapped in everyday life and forced to work hard for the upper class until death.
To express this, a mixture of icy, nordic black metal with folk and doom elements is conjured up by Afsky, crowned by the melancholic and emotional interpretation and performance.
"Ofte Jeg Drømmer Mig Død" is a real underground gem, as AFSKY have managed to combine timeless poetry of the 19th century with their own timeless music - which draws attention to the injustices in today's world and even shows frightening parallels.
1. Altid veltilfreds 07:10
2. Tyende sang 08:38
3. Imperia 06:36
4. Bondeplage 07:00
5. Stemninger 07:27
6. Angst 08:42

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