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ÄNTERBILA – Änterbila, CD

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Meet Änterbila, the most recent addition to the Nordvis community. Their self-titled debut album is a conceptual homage to the struggles of the 18th to 20th-century peasantry in their home country of Sweden. The anguish and fury of the downtrodden are embedded in every fibre of a musical score ranging from – and transcending – what would traditionally be categorised as black and folk metal.

Lurking amidst the metallic darkness are passages featuring violin, acoustic guitar, and traditional arrangements. This formula has produced a collection of songs deeply imbued with that wistful, sinister, and folkloric feeling present in various Nordic masterpieces by the likes of Storm, Isengard, Taake, Panphage, and Arckanum.

“Änterbila” will be released on CD and LP by Nordvis on December 2, 2022.


1. Vallåt från Gnarp
2. Hemlängtan
3. 1704
4. Torparens Dotter
5. Södermanland
6. Vita Piskan
7. Äntergast
8. Nattens Gåvolott 


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