BELENOS – Best of Live - 22nd Anniversary, A5 DigiCD

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Collectors Edition A5 Digipack. Limited to 111 copies.

Coming from Brittany (the Celtic region of western France), BELENOS (the Celtic god of the sun) was formed as one-man-band by Loïc CELLIER in 1995, and has since become one of the leading and most noteworthy Black Metal acts of France.

Influenced by the early Black Metal scene of Norway with bands such as Enslaved, Emperor, Burzum, Aeternus & Kampfar, and later acts such as Belphegor and Immortal with regard to the technical level and sound, the music of BELENOS always was and remains a mix of Black Metal (fast and dark) and Pagan Metal (dark and slow parts with choirs). The universe of BELENOS is like a lonely journey through wild, dark moors and old traditions of the Celtic lands. 

“Best of Live – 22nd Anniversary” features the fans’ favorite songs from the entire band history, re-recorded during one day in the studio under live conditions, just as they’re normally played on stage. 

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1. Aspedenn/Hollved hirisus (6:55)

2. Terre de brume (5:23)

3. Le déluge (4:59)

4. Fureur celtique (6:18)

5. Morfondu (6:04)

6. Derniére rencontre (6:18)

7. L’ombre du chaos (6:14)

8. Gorsedd (6:09)

9. D’an usved (10:15)

10. Armorika (5:30)

11. L’enfer froid (5:24)

12. L’antre noir (7:28)

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