FOREST OF THE SOUL – Restless in Flight, CD

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Bindrune Recordings, 2011

Track List
Restless in Flight | Auburn Hill | Alone/Desert Rose | Forgotten Day | Without You | My Betrothed | The Line Summer Glades | Green Heroes (Featuring Mark Denmon) | Daily Bread | Mother Tongue (Featuring Pandel Collaros) | Evenfall | Sweet and Lowdown | Forest of the Soul

Featuring both members of Nechochwen, FotS is a hard band to pigeonhole, for they encompass the fluidity of  classical acoustic instrumentation, rock, folk, and an undeniable Appalachian Country spirit that stirs with the eclectic soul of their homeland.  Fans of Opeths Damnation will find a kindred strand of creativity within this ever flowing, unpredictable, and passionate to the core release, yet FotS truly set out on their own path by celebrating music for musics sake. Unclassifiable and amazingly beautiful, Restless in Flight is Forest of the Souls 3rd release and it blew us away with such a strong level of atmosphere an aura that perfectly embodies the nature of what we try to uphold with Bindrune Recordings.

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