NECHOCHWEN – The Ancient Pulse, CD

Appalachian Folk Metal

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Artist: Nechochwen
Title: The Ancient Pulse
Release date: 2018-10-26
Catalog nr: NVP086
Format: Jewel case CD

2018 marks the 10 year anniversary of the West Virginia duo Nechochwen. Nechochwen have been an eclectic and powerful enigma in the musical world since their inception with their blend of extreme metal and Appalachian folk music. 3 years after the critically acclaimed “Heart of Akamon” album the band returns with a quality collection of rare and previously unreleased songs. “The Ancient Pulse” also features cover songs from Rotting Christ and Ozzy Osboourne as well as reworked songs from the excellent OtO LP. This exclusive and limited CD comes with a 16 page booklet including lyrics, liner notes and rare photos. “The Ancient Pulse” is a must for all the Nechochwen followers out there! 


1. The Lodge
2. Fallen Timbers 
3. Nilu-famu 
4. Winterstrife 
5. Allumhammochwen- The Crossing 
6. At Night May I Roam 
7. Charnel House 
8. On the Wind 
9. Heya Hona 
10. One with the Forest  (Rotting Christ cover)
11. Song of the White-tailed Deer
12. Over the Mountain (Ozzy Osbourne cover)


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