SVABHAVAT – Black Mirror Reflection, CD

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Svabhavat are a brand-new entity hailing from the Pacific Northwest. A duo, they describe their music as "Ritualistic Necromancy Black Metal," and indeed is that demi-tag apt: across the band's Black Mirror Reflection debut, one will find the refreshingly old stench of archetypal Darkthrone, Mayhem, and especially Katharsis. No elegiac odes to the Cascadians or sun-drenched bliss masquerading as "black metal" here; Svabhavat offer nothing but cold 'n' cruel intensity, violently at odds with their region's reigning paradigm.


1.Mysteries of the Odious Path (07:09) 
2.Great Tiamat, Filled with Corpses (05:04) 
3.Abhicaara (05:11) 
4.Chalice of Poisoned Souls (05:35) 
5.Aghori, Flame of Knowledge (05:15) 
6.Black Mirror Reflection (08:12) 

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