BLOOD OF THE BLACK OWL - A Banishing Ritual, CD

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With Blood of the Black Owls 3rd full-length opus, A Banishing Ritual, the experimental and the inner journey once again unite for 41 minutes of a pure outpouring of emotions and cleansing of past stains on ones life. With the union of crippling doom and more ambient segments of travel meant to reach the gods, B.o.t.B.O. will once again amaze and enchant with conviction and a pure heart to cleanse ones inner demons with focused and inspired ritualistic sounds. Featuring one long track, this massive creation has been guaranteed to be nothing like anything anyone has ever heard before. Once again mastered by the ever impressive Mel Detmer (Earth, Wolves in the Throne Room), A Banishing Ritual is a full and all encompassing release that will blur the lines between music and ritual.

A Banishing Ritual (Into White)

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