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AGALLOCH – The Serpent & The Sphere, CD

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With The Serpent & The Sphere AGALLOCH deepen their musical body of work without losing one inch of their own classic trademark sound they have shaped and refined over nearly two decades. Taking their progressive and rock influences on higher levels, the Portland dark metal masters return with their most dynamic, prominent and rewarding musical experience.

AGALLOCH have once again teamed up with legendary producer & engineer Billy Anderson, who recorded the album at Cloud City Studios in Portland, Oregon and later mixed it at Everything Hz. The Serpent & The Sphere goes down as the best, most transparent and complete sounding album to date. Nathanal Larochette of Musk Ox makes a guest appearance on the record, providing the albums acoustic interludes.

1. Birth and Death of the Pillars of Creation
2. (serpens caput)
3. The Astral Dialogue
4. Dark Matter Gods
5. Celestial Effigy
6. Cor Serpentis (the sphere)
7. Vales Beyond Dimension
8. Plateau of the Ages
9. (serpens cauda)

6/6 Zero Tolerance + album of the issue
10/12 Visions Magazine + record of the week
6/7 Metal Hammer Germany
9/10 Metal Hammer Norway
8/10 Metal Hammer UK
9/10 Terrorizer
9/10 Metal-Norge
9,5/10 Rock Tribune
8/10 Close Up
8,5/10 Rock Hard Germany
8/10 Rock Hard Greece
10/10 Metal Temple
9/10 Queens Of Steel
9/10 Ave Noctum
9/10 The Metal Observer