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ANGANTYR – Forvist, DigiCD

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After more than a year of extensive touring and several festival gigs following the release of Angantyr's successful 4th album "Svig", as well as changes in his personal life including a move from Denmark to Sweden, mastermind Ynleborgaz finally found the time to write the songs for the much anticipated 5th album in early 2012. "Forvist" once again showcases Ynleborgaz' uncanny ability to create epic, raw and powerful Black Metal hymns that seem to draw their boundless strength from the cold darkness and eternal solitude of the frozen north. The lyrics continue the epic story of Arngrim, a medieval Scandinavian warrior sailing from his homeland to seek revenge on the Christian invaders who murdered his family, a tale that began with "Hævn". And, just like Arngrim, Ynleborgaz takes no prisoners. All followers of the Danish one-man legion will note with glee that Angantyr in its 15th year remains as strong a force against the Christian invaders as ever.


1. Lænket (11:28)
2. I Forfædres Fodspor (6:07)
3. Vemods Hjemstavn (7:40)
4. Forvist (6:30)
5. Fælles Fjende (7:08)
6. Stille Skarpe Knive (9:06)
7. Skovens Egne Våben (9:15)

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