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BELENOS – Chants de Bataille A5 DigiCD

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“Chants de Bataille”, Belenos’ 3rd album, was first released in 2006, and is out of print since many years. It is now being reissued in a remastered version, with improved layout and 5 previously unreleased bonus tracks. The CD (total playing time over 70 minutes) comes with 12-page booklet and includes English translations of the French lyrics. The CD comes as Collector's Edition in A5-Digipack, limited to 500 copies, as well as regular version in jewel case. 

/Quote Northern Silence Productions


1. Ode (1:15)
2. L'ombre du Chaos (6:10)
3. Chemin de Brume (1:22)
4. Vers la Victoire (5:50)
5. Prelude Guerrier (1:09)
6. Colère de Feu (4:05)
7. Galv ar Brezel (1:06)
8. Fureur Celtique (6:14)
9. Galian da Viken (1:24)
10. Chant de Bataille (4:09)
11. P.M.Q.F. (2:21)
12. Sacrifiés (4:12)
13. An Enor Salv (1:29)
14. Funerailles (6:39)
15. Hordalendingen [Enslaved cover] (4:18)*
16. L'ombre du chaos [unrel. version] (5:18)*
17. Colére de Feu [unrel. version] (3:34)*
18. Fureur Celtique [live] (6:14)*
19. Chant de Bataille [Piano version] (3:41)* 

*exclusive bonus tracks