BLODTÅR – Blodtår, MCD

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Dreamlike and longing but still vicious and punishing – Nordic black metal saturated in that characteristically wild and unbound organic spirit associated with many of the Nordvis bands. Perhaps somewhere in-between Murg and Panphage, but with an atmosphere rooted in folkloric mysticism. Blodtår’s primary strength is the masterful use of contrast in mood and music, showcasing both acoustic interludes and a youthful fire that brings early Dissection to mind.

Cover artwork by Carl Stjärnlöv.


1. Djävulskap
2. Svartsejd
3. Besatt
4. Aldrig Mer


Artist: Blodtår
Title: Blodtår
Release date: 2021-11-26
Format: CD jewel case
Cat #: NVP144