COLD NORTHERN VENGEANCE – Domination and Servitude, CD

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Bindrune Recordings, 2008 

Gnosis (Intro) | A Dangerous Wayfaring | Hidden 93 | The By-Paths to Chaos | A Past Forgotten |The Abraxas Trance | The Shores of New England | Heathen, Heretic, Scapegoat | The Black Silence | Communion

Domination and Servitude is a fierce descent into the bizarre realm of Crowley enhanced Black Metal. Twisted harmonies and crushing technicality leads the listener through10 inspired track of occult madness! By incorporating atmospheric elements such as Apocalyptic Folk and Industrial, Cold Northern Vengeance have opened their minds to become the new lethal kings of inspired US black metal. Power. Individuality. No Compromises!