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DRÅPSNATT – Hymner till Undergången, DigiCD

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Artist: Dråpsnatt
Title: Hymner till Undergången
Release date: 2014-05-19
Format: 6 panel digipak CD
Cat #: NVP020

The downfall of man can be a beautiful thing if listening to Hymner till Undergången by DRÅPSNATT is any indication. This re-issue of the Swedes sophomore release ventures into soundscapes that were once explored by acts such as ARCTURUS and DIMMU BORGIR in their early years. Desolate and melancholic yet very atmospheric with an archaic vibe, Hymner till Undergången is an album not be missed!

Originally released by Frostcald Records in 2010, the new 6-panel digipak release, featuring lyrics and custom art, will include a previously unreleased track that serves as an indication of things to come!

1. En ensam sol går ner
2. Arvssynd
3. Dråpsnatt
4. Mannen i min spegel
5. Somna in
6. Ve er
7. Tonerna de klinga
8. En besvuren plats
9. Gästen
10. Juvret (BONUS TRACK)

8/10 -
8/10 - The Midland Rocks
8,3/10 - Metal Storm