ENNOVEN - Redemption, DigiCD

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Ennoven is a one-man project from Poland, inspired by the beauty and power of nature. It has an Atmospheric Black Metal sound with heavy Post Rock and Ambient influences. 

The first album, entitled "Redemption", was recorded in 2014 and first released in a small edition on CDr by the artist himself. 

Following an upload by the Atmospheric Black Metal Albums channel on Youtube, Ennoven received a lot of positive feedback as well as plenty of demands for another physical release. In 2016 the album was reissued on tape, limited to 50 copies. 

The Northern Silence CD reissue is now being done to finally serve the many requests by fans and to prepare the stage for the upcoming second album, which is currently in the works and set for a release in early 2019. 

The first press of the CD comes as Collector’s Edition in Digipack with A3 poster booklet, limited to 1000 copies. 


1. Spirits (5:40)

2. Ethereal Winter (10:29)

3. Of The ice (4:02)

4. Reborn (14:19)