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EVILFEAST – Lost Horizons of Wisdom, CD

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Packaging: CD in classic jewelcase with 12-page booklet

Re-release, no re-master, with original (optimized) layout.

Originally released in 2008, Lost Horizons of Wisdom is a hauntingly mystical black metal album, with just the right does of ambience mixed in to the sonic journey. The albums evocative nature is matched by its flawless lo-fi production of ghostly guitars, ethereal synths and classic 90`s aesthetics to create a truly atmospheric black metal record.


1. Algol's Northern Lights 11:42
2. Grim Spirit, the Forest Wanderer 11:05
3. Cages of Cold Despondency 13:11
4. My Tower Among the Timeless Mountains 19:51
5. Lost Horizons of Wisdom 14:10