FALLS OF RAUROS – Believe In No Coming Shore, DigiCD

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Artist: Falls of Rauros
Title: Believe In No Coming Shore
Release date: 2014-10-01
Format: 4 page digipack with fold out booklet
Cat #: NVP023

Falls of Rauros much anticipated 3rd album, Believe in no Coming Shore, is a masterwork of emotive and passionate blackened metal deeply influenced by genres such as folk and Americana. Thoughts on the album run wild as for this album Falls of Rauros really enters in to their own special and vibrant sound. The harsh and desperately screamed vocals are still in full force as well as their atmospherically charged form of extreme metal. Believe in no Coming Shore unlocks a brilliant web of passionate guitar work that seizes the spirit of total freedom. Careful integrations like the blends between metal and folk music feels like an intriguing extension of the bands spiritual core and their music takes the listener deeper into the aether.

We are eager to bring such a colorful album to the masses!


1. Blue Misshapen Dusk
2. Ancestors of Shadow
3. Ancestors of Smoke
4. Waxen voices
5. Spectral Eyes
6. Believe in no Coming Shore