PYHÄ KUOLEMA – Saavun vaikken kulkisi, DigiCD

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Rough and romantic folk & neofolk.

- Traditional to the bone, but still clearly finding it’s own sound despite the classic  ”man+guitar” approach, Pyhä Kuolema debut album ”Saavun vaikken kulkisi” brings forth a dozen of atmospheric, national romantic, extremely emotional and intimate songs sung in Finnish. The style of playing and singing varies from solemn ritualistic neofolk-songs to troubadur-like playful approach to traditional folk music. Mikko Ilmari "Riimu" Pöyhönen composed, sung, played, recorded and mixed the whole album by himself, giving it the intimate touch and thus manages the handling of the double edged sword that this kind of folk can be – the  sometimes even rough and stripped down output with no gimmicks is this time succesfully shaking hands with the alluring soft intensity.


1. Linnun laulu I
2. Nuori maa
3. Tuhat kuolemaa sekunnissa
4. Yöaika
5. Pelkurin palkka on rakkaudettomuus
6. Avaruusmies ja helvetinmies
7. Ajattele minua
8. Voimamies
9. Linnun laulu II
10. Syntymäpäivä
11. Pyhän äidin kuolema
12. Tanssi vainajille