SUMMONING – Nightshade Forests, MC

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Artist: Summoning
Title: Nightshade Forests
Release date: May 19th, 2014
Format: Cassette
Cat #: NVP021

Three songs originally culled from the release of Dol Guldur along with a bonus track recorded specifically for this release may not sound like much, but rest assured SUMMONING's EP "Nightshade Forests" from 1997 contains just as much quality as the aforementioned "Dol Guldur". And while the similarities are there, it still stands strong in and by itself with SUMMONING being one of the creative pinnacles in all that is metal. This EP is no different in its embodiment of the concept, even when parts may not sound 'metal' at all.

An integral part of our own musical experience growing up, we hope the re-issue of these 4 tracks on cassette will bring forth as much emotion as they once did in us! With this release we complete the trilogy of nostalgic 90's SUMMONING re-issues. Simply mesmerizing...

Limited to 300 copies.