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Hatpastorns Likpredikan

Hatpastorn – a Swedish writer, lecturer, musician and black metal chronicler.

Hatpastorns Likpredikan (‘corpse sermons of the hate-preacher’) is a web page I founded in the year 2010. It serves as an outlet through which I analyze and dissect the music closest to my heart; black metal. For a genre with such clearly defined rules and restrictions, it’s completely devoid of rules and restrictions. This is the greatest strength of black metal, as well as its utmost flaw. Despite occasionally covering things I appreciate, most of my posts are about when disaster has struck in one way or another.

In 2016 I released my first book on Krutdurk Förlag. A compilation of both old and new texts written by me and my cohorts, Dr Panzram and Heidenhammer. Now it is time for the next chapter. I am currently writing on an extensive tour guide which will be informative, entertaining and extremely depressing. What happens when you put a bunch of misanthropes into a rundown vehicle and send them out into the world to perform hateful music to an audience that is equally misanthropic? Well, to quote a certain Norwegian fellow: let´s find out!