Sólfjall Design

Sólfjall is a design and art project that started out of a need to foster creativity in an environment that so often dedicate itself to a destructive mindset.

Situated in the heart of Swedish Lapland, Sólfjall is devoted to art and design derived from the northern landscapes and cultures. Though we take on project that depict all kinds of places and ideas, our home and devotion to nature infuses all we do and what we are. “Sólfjall” is a mythical place mentioned in Snorres Edda, a name that bares many similarities to our home. It is a name dedicated to light and creation, from summers never setting sun and the fires that warms us, to the northern lights, stars and moon that illuminates our frozen winter land. As there are countless sources of light there are endless aspects of creativity.

We make designs for various proposes, from logos and album covers to t-shirt designs, prints and paintings. Our devotion to nature makes us strive to be environmentally sustainable. The clothing industry has a grave impact on our environment, therefore we do our best to choose brands that will minimize this impact as much as possible. This might, at times, be reflected in the prize of some products, not because of the design itself but because of the manufacturing prizes of these brands. As we grow we hope to do more and only use eco-friendly materials and that we have your support in this effort.