EPHEMER – Gloire Immortelle, LP

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1 copy collected during inventory. Rare.

Soldi sleeve, black vinyl in black innersleeve with protective layer, 24"x24" poster on 170g artpaper.

Coverartwork by Antony Roberts.

Atmospheric yet epic Black Metal from Quebec. Vinyl release of both sold out demo tapes "Guerre et gloire" from 2011 and "Notre honneur immortel" from 2013 who were published by Spectre Sinistre and limited to only 100 copies.

Line up (2nd demo):
Fiel- Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Moribond - Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics 

Line up (1st demo):
Fiel- Drums, Keyboards
Moribond - Guitars, Vocals
Strigat - Guitars
Monarque - Bass

Side A:

1. Aube héroïque 02:54
2. Sous l'épée blanche sacrée 03:37
3. Guerre et gloire 04:54
4. Rauros 04:01

Side B:

5. Flamme et sang 06:12
6. Le dieu dans l'urne 03:38
7. Notre honneur immortel 05:22
8. Vers d'anciennes cités magiques 04:26

Full album stream here