IDLE HANDS – Don`t Waste Your Time, MCD

US Metal/Heavy Rock/Occult Rock

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Rising out of ashes of Prosthetic Records' traditional heavy metal quintet Spellcaster like a new wave phoenix, IDLE HANDS is bound to catch the attention of anyone who loves NWOBHM, occult rock or the sleaze of the 80s. Featuring five dark, moody and ballad-esque tracks, Don't Waste Your Time was recorded by Gabe Johnston (Spellcaster) and mastered by the illustrious Brad Boatright (Corrosion of Conformity, Yob).

Formed in the heart of the Pacific Northwest in the fall of 2017, IDLE HANDS initially began solely as a creative outlet for former Spellcaster bassist Gabriel Franco, who now handles vocals and rhythm guitar in addition to being the band's sole songwriter. With the first EP under their belt, the band plans to release a full-length and tour heavily in 2019.

"Don’t Waste Your Time is the musical expression of the emotions I do and do not feel towards everyday society and life in general," says frontman Gabriel Franco. "I wrote much of it feeling lost, while also coping with personal failures and self-doubt exacerbated by the desire to create something unique. This is an honest record. Succeed or fail, I am happy with it and I hope whoever hears it is happy, too.”

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1. Blade And The Will (03:30)

2. By Way Of Kingdom (03:40)

3. Can You Hear The Rain (05:35)

4. Time Crushes All (02:42)

5. I Feel Nothing (03:56)