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SKOGEN – Svitjod, DLP

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- Gatefold sleeve, with stunning oil on canvas artwork by Sólfjall Design.
- Reverse board print
- Available in 2 different colours. Black &  Solid blue, black & solid white mixed.
- Coloured edition limited to 200 copies.

A classic is back! After a longer time out of print SKOGEN's ”Svitjod” will soon be available on various formats. A release that was critically acclaimed when it came and it is most likely one of the more mesmerizing atmospheric metal albums from Sweden up to this date.  It's time to once again set out for a journey through the rural Swedish landscape and experience the dreamy and driving force that is ”Svitjod”.

The whole artwork has gained a massive upgrade. Both the LP, CD & T-Shirt will be embraced by this beautiful oil on canvas painting, inspired by the original artwork and created by the talented Sólfjall Design.


1. Dighra Dödh
2. Häxsabbat (Crimen Laesae Divinae Maiestatis)
3. Midnattens Glimrande Stillhet
4. Begraven
5. Vinterriket
6. Storm
7. Natthymn
8. Blodörnshämnd
9. Dauðaferð
10. Svitjod


Artist: Skogen
Title: Svitjod
Release date: 2016-10-14
Format: DLP
Cat #: NVP048LP