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SKYFOREST – Unity, LP (White)

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Skyforest is a Melancholic Metal project of B.M. (Blurry Lights, Hiki). The first writings and recordings were made in the beginning of 2013, but the first release surfaced only in mid-2014, when session members were found for a proper recording.

"Unity" is the second album of Skyforest. It was written entirely during autumn-winter 2015. It is expressing a more positive and hopeful vibe than the first album "Aftermath". Lyrically, the album is about unity with nature and unity with yourself.  

This LP comes in two coloured editions - 111x violet vinyl and 414x white vinyl. 

/Quote Northern Silence Productions


1. A Graceful Spirit 4:30 

2. Cosmic Drifter 7:01

3. Autumnal Embrace 8:13

4. Fading Glow 3:55

5. The Swan 5:41

6. Reminiscence 7:12

7. Voice of the Sea 6:29