Falls of Rauros

Formed in Coastal Maine in 2005, Falls of Rauros began as a two-piece, improvising and cursorily writing what became the demos “Window of the Eye” and “Into the Archaic”. With the foundation in place the band expanded into a quartet and remains so today. They have since released three albums, 2008’s “Hail Wind and Hewn Oak”, 2011’s “The Light That Dwells in Rotten Wood” and through newfound partnership between Bindrune Recordings and Nordvis saw the release of “Believe in No Coming Shore” in late 2014. This marked a new direction and approach for the band, who recorded large portions of the album live in the studio, opting for a more immediate and organic outcome; an attempt to circumvent the prevailing ostentatious and gaudy studio practices of the modern age. It is a record for those who no longer remember if they faced down darkness or acquiesced.