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FEDRESPOR - new nordic collaboration

Feb 26 2018

We are pleased to welcome the Norwegian folk musician Varg Torden Saastad and his creative creation FEDRESPOR as a new member of the Nordvis family. In order to celebrate this newfound Nordic collaboration we will release his debut album “Tid” (Time) already on April 20th. An album that not only radiates mindful and atmospheric Nordic folk but also contains a strong focus on Norwegian nature, culture and ancient traditions. With this in mind we definitely feel fortunate to follow this talented artist now and in the future. The collaboration between FEDRESPOR and Nordvis further shows how we always strive to step away from a genre bound community, and how we instead promote and embrace different creative expressions.

Listen to the new single "Langt Skal De Vandre" on YouTube:

Varg Torden Saastad talks further about this new Nordic collaboration:

When I began to finish my songs, I had an ambition to get this released after plenty of nice feedback from friends and family. However, I were still very unsure if I’d be accepted by any record labels out there. So I started searching for a label with similar style and expression like myself - and I found Nordvis.

Nordvis had a portfolio of artists of integrity and good musicians so I decided to take the chance and send an email. When I received a reply from Andreas and Nordvis I felt very well received, taken care of and heard. I was taken seriously and I think Andreas saw the potential in me as a musician and Fedrespor as a project - something I appreciate has been deeply respectful. 

Nordvis has proven to work purposefully and shown understanding for me as a new artist. I have received help if I have needed it and Nordvis has taken responsibility for a suitable marketing - which is also based on Nordvis's understanding of networking in the music world – worldwide. 

I would like to thank Nordvis and Andreas for the trust, support and patience of a somewhat distant musician like myself. I look forward working with Nordvis in the future and hope to share our amazing Nordic songs with the rest of the world far into the future. 

/ Varg Torden Saastad