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Forndom: New single and music video

Feb 25 2022

Nordvis proudly announces the music video for Forndom’s new single, “Och med vinden ack de gunga” – available as of February 25.

Listen now via your preferred digital music service:

Leading up to the 2016 album “Dauðra dura”, Ludvig Swärd intended for his droning and mesmerising masterpiece “Jag vet ett tempel stå" to have vocals. Ultimately, he decided against the idea and left it instrumental. However, over the years he found himself feeling not quite done with this song.

Last year, with Forndom’s ninth anniversary looming, Ludvig decided to record “Jag vet ett tempel stå" as it was originally envisioned. Now, it bears mentioning that this is no mere remake of an old track but with added vocals. The new version is just as wistfully hypnotic, but it has far more depth and organic feel thanks to analogue instruments where there were initially only keyboards.

Ludvig commented:

Nine years have passed since the idea of Forndom was born. Nine years was also the amount of time in-between the sacrificial feasts in Uppsala, where nine individuals of nine different species were sacrificed. The number nine signifies transition – passing from one stage to another – and is a frequent occurrence in everything we know of as Norse religion.

Over the years, both this number and the concept of sacrifice have been recurring topics in my lyrics. In the “Dauðra dura” booklet, I included the lyrics I wrote but never recorded for the song "Jag vet ett tempel stå" – adding that there might come a day in the future when it would be recorded anew with vocals. That day has now come to pass, and I'm glad to announce that “Och med vinden ack de gunga” will be released on February 25. The song is accompanied by a music video directed by Claudio Marino of Atrax Film.

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Producer: ARTAX FILM
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