Forndom: New single and release announcement

Sep 7 2023

Today we present “Aska” (‘Ash’), the first single from Forndom’s “Alster” – a piano work of contemporary classical with a distinct Scandinavian atmosphere. Due for release on October 6, 2023.

Listen to and watch “Aska” here:

Ludvig Swärd commented:

"Aska" was written shortly after I finished recording "Flykt", with death and burial as its primary inspiration. The feeling of losing someone close, saying goodbye for an extended period – until the time you meet again. The song relies heavily on memories, a backwards glance at a life lived while the reality of grief and loss becomes prominent.

Despite several attempts, no lyrics have been finalised for the song. However, the deepest grief is often wordless, as also mentioned by the 10th-century Icelandic skald Egil Skallagrimsson in his poem Sonatorrek.

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