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Grift: first single and music video from the upcoming album

Aug 17 2023

“Nattens pilgrim” is the debut single from the upcoming album of Grift – one of the first bands to be signed to Nordvis. “Dolt land” will be released on relevant formats on September 22, 2023.

Listen to and watch “Nattens pilgrim” here:

Grift’s fourth studio album, “Dolt land” (‘Hidden land’), is a profound exploration of humankind’s bond with nature. With folkloric sounds and heartfelt lyrics, the multidisciplinary Swedish music project takes listeners on a journey into the heart of the wild. “Nattens pilgrim” (‘Pilgrim of the night’) sets the tone with the call of a blackbird, sampled by Erik Gärdefors himself, before enchanting melodies take flight through acoustic guitar, melodica, keyboards, percussion, glockenspiel, and a sea drum.

Erik commented:

This is a hymn to the fragile life pulsating outside our doorstep. Out there, a world of hidden lands sparkles. The blackbird’s song reminds us of this treasure every year. To get closer and partake of its richness, we must sacrifice something of ourselves. Only then do we have the chance to don the mantle of the night.