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Iterum Nata - new music video

Feb 16 2024

A Manifested Nightmare

“A Manifested Nightmare” is the third single from the upcoming album of Finnish psychedelic folk-rock project Iterum Nata. “From the Infinite Light” is due for release by Nordvis on March 15, 2024.

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Following the 2023 album, “Trench of Loneliness”, Jesse Heikkinen (The Abbey, Henget, ex-Hexvessel) has reinvented the sound of Iterum Nata. As twelve-string and six-string acoustic guitars weave a cloak of folky serenity, tremolo-picked electric guitars inject black metal mysticism, forging a sound that's as distinctive as it is immersive.

Fusing the brooding narratives of Nick Cave, the avant-garde creativity of Dødheimsgard, and the spectral chants of Dead Can Dance, “From the Infinite Light” is a beckoning path into a world where the melancholy of introspection meets the rage of existence.

Jesse commented:

“A Manifested Nightmare” is about despair and the acceptance of a dark fate. It portrays undefeatable, sinister forces relentlessly pursuing you, leading to an inevitable surrender. Musically, this hauntingly dramatic track is characterised by its hypnotic, repetitive elements, featuring some of the finest piano work I've ever recorded. It’s an ideal soundtrack for sleepwalking through nightmares.