JORDFÄST: Glacial sounds with a soul of fire

Apr 12 2021

Swedish JORDFÄST unveil the new single "Hädanförd". Taken from the upcoming debut album "Hädanefter", scheduled for release on May 7.

JORDFÄST is a Swedish duo that joined forces to combine their respective talents in creating a captivating and theatrical black metal journey. Paying tribute to both their musical and ancestral heritage, the icy melodies and atmosphere-oriented soundscapes offer a deeply immersive listening experience. All material was composed and meticulously arranged to grant emotional depth to the tales enacted through its narration.

New single ”Hädanförd” available for immediate listening:

Thirty-three-minutes of cold and merciless Swedish darkness, interwoven with an audible awe for the natural forces that govern us. Drawing heavily from Scandinavia’s rich musical and historical heritage, “Hädanefter” contains two tracks - each constituting an epic musical journey in several acts.

Countless hours of research and effort have been plied into the extremely ambitious lyrics. Their tales are ones of natural disasters and human atrocities. Nonetheless, they are steeped in philosophical musings rather than a simple fixation with death and destruction. It is a study of human frailty at its core, as we are stripped down to our base survival instincts. There is a deep reverence for mother nature: not only her grim aspects but also the opportunities afforded to those with the cunning, courage, and capability of seizing them.

As the first single, we have selected a chapter from the second song, “Hädanförd”. It is an elaborate tale of witchcraft, where a community desperately trying to rid the land of all incarnations of the Devil come to realise that, by doing so, they’ve been carrying out his work all along. In a recent interview with Bardo Methodology, E commented:

‘The arrangements vary from extremely simple, almost non-existent, to complex and theatrical: almost like a soundtrack. I prefer telling dark, cold, and tragic tales since they pose the challenge of not only being brutal and extreme, but also delving deeper into certain emotional dimensions I’d be unable to find without the lyrical themes we explore.’


1. Buren av loppor
2. Hädanförd

Release date: May 7, 2021