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New Bhleg single: "Befruktad jord"

Mar 10 2022

The time has come to unveil “Befruktad jord” (‘Nourished Soil’) – the second single of Bhleg’s upcoming album, “Fäghring” which is due for release on April 1.

Listen now via your preferred digital music service:

The fourth and closing instalment of Bhleg’s compositional tetralogy “Ár” is a concept album about springtime. As such, it is permeated by a considerably warmer ambiance than the colder and more barren feeling of its predecessor: their winter opus “Ödhin” from 2021. Besides the traditional rock instrumentation, this song features hurdy-gurdy and hand drum – performed by the band’s multi-instrumentalist S. – as well as nyckelharpa courtesy of J. Ask.

The band commented:

Sun-ray to surface, sperm to egg, seed to soil – all aspects of the dance of life in its many forms. Primal, earthly, and spiritual. The relentless lust for rejuvenation driving the spring to cleanse the topsoil from the white vestment of winter; the act which guarantees the birth of generations to come. Just like on “Kraftsång till Sunna” from “Solarmegin” (2018), we have the honour of featuring our good friend A. Pettersson (Saiva) on guest vocals.