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New Iterum Nata single (feat. Rob Coffinshaker)

Jan 12 2024

A Darkness Within

The time has come to unveil “A Darkness Within” – the second single from Iterum Nata’s upcoming fifth album, due for release by Nordvis on March 15 – featuring lead vocals by Rob Coffinshaker.

Listen to and watch ”A Darkness Within" here:

With “From the Infinite Light”, Jesse Heikkinen (The Abbey, Henget, ex-Hexvessel) transitions Iterum Nata from a solitary journey to a collective venture, featuring a full band setup that augments the weight and breadth of the project’s soundscape, marking this as its most ambitious and heaviest work to date.

Delving into the abyss of the human psyche, the album chronicles the odyssey of a desperate soul seeking refuge in the shadows of his inner chaos, eventually finding a sombre embrace in the darkness borne from his disintegrating sanity.

Jesse commented:

“A Darkness Within” features Rob Coffinshaker (The Coffinshakers) on vocals and Petri Heinonen (King Satan) on drums. Musically, it might be the simplest song on the record, yet its lyrics possess profound depth. This track encapsulates the entire metaphysical concept of the new album. It narrates how darkness, or consciousness, emerged from the ‘limitless light’ – an idea inspired by qabbalah. The story parallels that of Lucifer, but here, it is darkness, not light, that imparts knowledge. The first verse delves into microcosmic levels, while the second explores macrocosmic realms – embodying the principle of 'as above, so below'.

I recorded the lead vocals for the song and even mastered it myself. However, at some point, I felt it required a voice more compelling to convey this tale. Enter Rob Coffinshaker. His agreement to give it a try thrilled me, and the first version he delivered was the definitive take – it was just perfect!