New single: "Midvinterrit" by Bards of Skaði

Oct 27 2023

Midwinter ritual

“Midvinterrit” is the second single from “Glysisvallur” – the upcoming debut album of Bards of Skaði, due for release by Nordvis on November 24, 2023.

This new project features Swedish folk music virtuosos Thomas von Wachenfeldt and Göran Månsson.

Listen to “Midvinterrit” here:

Thomas and Göran commented:

“Midvinterrit” seeks to evoke a perception of ancient and primal potency, while simultaneously incorporating elements of chivalry. Furthermore, the piece harbours a discreet inclusion of a well-known medieval melody that subtly foretells the Wrath of God.

To materialise our musical vision, we used archaic instruments such as rebec, cow’s horn and shawm flute, but also soprano and alto recorders, baroque violins, viola, viola da gamba, classical guitar, lute, trombones, French horns, choir, synthesisers and percussion.