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Örnatorpet: A memory of fairer days

Today, Örnatorpet presents the first single from the upcoming “Fordomdags”. The eighth album from Sweden’s leading dungeon synth project will be released in all relevant formats by Nordvis on September 20, 2024...

Jun 5 2024
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Nordvisor: Ett samlingsverk från Nordvis

“Nordvisor” is the inaugural chapter in a series of vinyl releases chronicling the musical essence of Nordvis and the artists whose passions fuel its fires. It focuses on analogue, folkish expressions – distilling the melancholy and beauty inherent in the wilderness, transforming them into music that resonates with the primal force of nature itself...

May 23 2024
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Out now: Blood and Sun - "Love & Ashes"

Introducing the re-issue of “Love & Ashes” on classic black vinyl, elegantly presented in a 3 mm spined jacket with a distinctive golden hot-foil print. Accompanied by a detailed 4-page 12" booklet, it offers an intimate glimpse into the album’s inner workings.

Apr 12 2024
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Out now: Lustre - "The First Snow & Reverence"

Nordvis proudly presents Lustre’s acclaimed singles “The First Snow” and “Reverence” compiled on a beautifully crafted vinyl edition. The former song has, since its digital debut in 2018, enchanted audiences worldwide with its ethereal soundscape.

Apr 12 2024
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Out now: Iterum Nata - "From the Infinite Light"

In the wake of his critically acclaimed 2023 album, “Trench of Loneliness”, Jesse Heikkinen (The Abbey, Henget, ex-Hexvessel) embarks on a bold foray across the boundaries between folk music, black and doom metal, neo-folk, and progressive rock, orchestrating a symphony where every note is a harbinger of both darkness and light...

Mar 15 2024
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Artist appreciation series - Pt. 9: Thomas von Wachenfeldt

For the ninth edition of the Nordvis artist appreciation series, we present Thomas von Wachenfeldt of Bards of Skaði – who released their debut album, “Glysisvallur”, last year.

Feb 29 2024
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Panopticon Announces 'Roads Further North' Tour

Nordvis has entered a collaboration with Doomstar Bookings and Bindrune Recordings, commemorating a decade of Panopticon’s “Roads to the North”...

Feb 20 2024
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Iterum Nata - new music video

“A Manifested Nightmare” is the third single from the upcoming album of Finnish psychedelic folk-rock project Iterum Nata. “From the Infinite Light” is due for release by Nordvis on March 15, 2024.

Feb 16 2024
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New Iterum Nata single (feat. Rob Coffinshaker)

The time has come to unveil “A Darkness Within” – the second single from Iterum Nata’s upcoming fifth album, due for release by Nordvis on March 15 – featuring lead vocals by Rob Coffinshaker.

Jan 12 2024
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Out now: Linnea Hjertén - "Nio systrar"

Born from the synthesis of Swedish folk melodies and ritual ambient, Linnea Hjertén's debut album “Nio systrar” (‘Nine sisters’) is a wordless invocation of primordial energy – a psychoacoustic gateway to altered states of consciousness.

Jan 12 2024
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