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Örnatorpet: A memory of fairer days

Today, Örnatorpet presents the first single from the upcoming “Fordomdags”. The eighth album from Sweden’s leading dungeon synth project will be released in all relevant formats by Nordvis on September 20, 2024...

Jun 5 2024
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Nordvisor: Ett samlingsverk från Nordvis

“Nordvisor” is the inaugural chapter in a series of vinyl releases chronicling the musical essence of Nordvis and the artists whose passions fuel its fires. It focuses on analogue, folkish expressions – distilling the melancholy and beauty inherent in the wilderness, transforming them into music that resonates with the primal force of nature itself...

May 23 2024
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Out now: Örnatorpet - "Evigt främmande, evigt fjärran"

“Evigt främmande, evigt fjärran” is the seventh album of Sweden’s leading dungeon synth project, Örnatorpet. Modern music without the trappings of modernity; nostalgia and longing channelling the spirit both of timeless classics like Fata Morgana...

May 5 2023
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Örnatorpet announce new album and single

Today we present the first single from the upcoming Örnatorpet album which is due for release on May 5, 2023...

Mar 20 2023
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Out now: Örnatorpet - Hymner från snökulla, LP

First released in January 2019, “Hymner Från Snökulla” offers a synth-propelled flight of the imagination – a journey through frozen soundscapes resting on such rich textures one can almost hear the crackling of ice...

Mar 25 2022
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Coming soon: Örnatorpet - Hymner från snökulla LP

This coming spring, the fourth album by Swedish dungeon synth project Örnatorpet will be made available on vinyl...

Feb 3 2022
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ÖRNATORPET "Fjällets Gyllene Slott" OUT NOW!

Originally self-released in 2019, “Fjällets Gyllene Slott” by Swedish Dungeon Synth artist Örnatorpet is now available on physical formats for the first time. Presented on limited Digipak CD and coloured Vinyl.

Feb 24 2021
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ÖRNATORPET | Vid Himinsenda out now!

Today, dungeon synth sorcerer Örnatorpet returns with the new anticipated album "Vid Himinsenda"

Oct 31 2019
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