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Out now: Örnatorpet - Hymner från snökulla, LP

First released in January 2019, “Hymner Från Snökulla” offers a synth-propelled flight of the imagination – a journey through frozen soundscapes resting on such rich textures one can almost hear the crackling of ice...

Mar 25 2022
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Forndom: New single and music video

Nordvis proudly announces the music video for Forndom’s new single, “Och med vinden ack de gunga” – available as of February 25.

Feb 25 2022
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Coming soon: Örnatorpet - Hymner från snökulla LP

This coming spring, the fourth album by Swedish dungeon synth project Örnatorpet will be made available on vinyl...

Feb 3 2022
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Out now: Blodtår - Blodtår, LP

At long last, the highly anticipated vinyl version of Blodtår’s self-titled debut has arrived!

Jan 28 2022
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Out now: Bhleg - Draumr Ást, LP

Earlier this week, we announced the upcoming Bhleg record, “Fäghring” - the fourth and closing part of their album tetralogy “Ár”. The idea...

Jan 13 2022
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Out now: Häxkapell - Eldhymer LP

Häxkapell is one of the most recent inductees into the Nordvis community. The project’s debut album was released back in October...

Jan 13 2022
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Out now: Häxkapell - Eldhymner

Today we unleash upon the world the debut album of Swedish black metal band Häxkapell. Order your physical copy today via or your preferred mail-order. The LP edition will be available as of January 14.

Oct 31 2021
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Out now: JORDFÄST "Hädanefter" CD/LP/TS

Today we announce the release of “Hädanefter”, the debut album of Jordfäst - one of the most recent additions to Nordvis...

May 25 2021
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Out now: LUSTRE "Night Spirit" CD/LP

Nachtzeit was the first Swedish musician outside of our social circle to sign with Nordvis, making Lustre one of our longest-running artist collaborations...

Apr 30 2021
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JODÖDEN - Cellskräcksmemoarer out now!

Jan 15 2020
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