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Meet Änterbila

Meet Änterbila the most recent addition to the Nordvis community. Their self-titled debut album will be released this coming fall...

Jul 8 2022
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Out now: Draugurinn - "Minningar úr undirheimum"

“Minningar úr undirheimum” (‘Memories from the Underworld’) is a harrowing musical journey carrying the listener through the fringes of dark ambient and ritualistic drone. The sixth album of Swedish-Icelandic artist and musician Draugurinn offers...

Jun 16 2022
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Out now: Hagathorn "Björndansen"

“Björndansen” is the new album by Hagathorn, a folk project by American musician Will Ott. The material is largely derived from traditional Nordic folk songs which feature added improvisation...

Jun 2 2022
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Artist appreciation series - Pt. 7: Blodtår

Today we hear from Blodtår – a Swedish black metal band that recently came to prominence with a self-titled EP.

May 26 2022
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New release from Anima Arctica

"VIRTUS" is the second part of the "Neofolk Finland" trilogy that "PATRIA" started in 2012. This time, after the gloomy and bog-stenched "NOITANAAMA", TERVAHÄÄT takes a leap towards more traditional neofolk...

May 24 2022
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New single "Skog Brudmarsch" from Hagathorn

Today, Hagathorn unveil "Skog Brudmarsch" – the second single of their upcoming album “Björndansen” (Dance of the Bear).

May 19 2022
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New Hagathorn album and music video

As the first single of American folk project Hagathorn’s upcoming album “Björndansen”, we give you “Hvittenland”.

Apr 14 2022
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Artist appreciation series - Pt. 6: Bhleg

For this instalment we turn to Bhleg – the Swedish duo that just released their new album, “Fäghring”.

Apr 12 2022
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Artist appreciation series - Pt. 5: Grift

This instalment features Erik Gärdefors from Grift, one of the first artists we signed to Nordvis.

Apr 12 2022
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Artist appreciation series - Pt. 4: Varde

For this edition of our ongoing series, we hear from Norway's Varde.

Apr 12 2022
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