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Artist appreciation series - Pt. 2: Bròn

In part two of our new series, we turn to KG of Serbia-based atmospheric black metal band Bròn.

Jan 11 2022
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Artist appreciation series - Pt 1: Jordfäst

Nordvis has always placed great emphasis on working with musicians who lead their lives in adherence to – and especially in service of – the natural world...

Jan 11 2022
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Bhleg "Fäghring” – Solar wedlock in Alyr

After the blackest night comes the most radiant dawn; the spark of life illuminates all that which was swallowed by shadows...

Jan 9 2022
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Out now: Häxkapell - Eldhymner

Today we unleash upon the world the debut album of Swedish black metal band Häxkapell. Order your physical copy today via or your preferred mail-order. The LP edition will be available as of January 14.

Oct 31 2021
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BLODTÅR: New single "Svartsejd" out now

The first single from Blodtår's eponymous EP – available November 26 – is now available for listening. Stream or download “Svartsejd” via your preferred digital music service now...

Oct 21 2021
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A classic back on vinyl!

A modern Swedish black metal classic is once again being made available on vinyl. Nordvis in collaboration with Eisenwald Records – who licensed the first edition – are reissuing Skogen’s 2014...

Sep 22 2021
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Introducing HÄXKAPELL

‘The longest journey is the journey inwards’ – words of wisdom that Oraklet lives by. Back in 2015, he was searching for a path upon which to venture inwards...

Sep 1 2021
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FORNDOM merch collection series

Over the last six months, we’ve been working on a merch collection for Forndom We are now pleased to reveal the first of these designs – “Valsta”. Like every...

Jun 18 2021
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Out now: JORDFÄST "Hädanefter" CD/LP/TS

Today we announce the release of “Hädanefter”, the debut album of Jordfäst - one of the most recent additions to Nordvis...

May 25 2021
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Out now: LUSTRE "Night Spirit" CD/LP

Nachtzeit was the first Swedish musician outside of our social circle to sign with Nordvis, making Lustre one of our longest-running artist collaborations...

Apr 30 2021
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