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A classic back on vinyl!

A modern Swedish black metal classic is once again being made available on vinyl. Nordvis in collaboration with Eisenwald Records – who licensed the first edition – are reissuing Skogen’s 2014...

Sep 22 2021
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Introducing HÄXKAPELL

‘The longest journey is the journey inwards’ – words of wisdom that Oraklet lives by. Back in 2015, he was searching for a path upon which to venture inwards...

Sep 1 2021
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  • #sons of crom

FORNDOM merch collection series

Over the last six months, we’ve been working on a merch collection for Forndom We are now pleased to reveal the first of these designs – “Valsta”. Like every...

Jun 18 2021
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  • #valsta

Out now: JORDFÄST "Hädanefter" CD/LP/TS

Today we announce the release of “Hädanefter”, the debut album of Jordfäst - one of the most recent additions to Nordvis...

May 25 2021
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Out now: LUSTRE "Night Spirit" CD/LP

Nachtzeit was the first Swedish musician outside of our social circle to sign with Nordvis, making Lustre one of our longest-running artist collaborations...

Apr 30 2021
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JORDFÄST: Glacial sounds with a soul of fire

Swedish JORDFÄST unveil the new single "Hädanförd". Taken from the upcoming debut album "Hädanefter", scheduled for release on May 7...

Apr 12 2021
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  • #hädanefter

Swedish JORDFÄST signs with Nordvis

New shapes among the shadows of the past. We’re delighted to announce the alliance between Nordvis and Swedish Jordfäst.

Mar 2 2021
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Bardo Methodology #7 & Archivology Vol 2. Out now!

Two new issues from one of the (if not the) most well written publications out there. Bardo Methodology continues to captivate us with it's profound articles.

Mar 2 2021
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ÖRNATORPET "Fjällets Gyllene Slott" OUT NOW!

Originally self-released in 2019, “Fjällets Gyllene Slott” by Swedish Dungeon Synth artist Örnatorpet is now available on physical formats for the first time. Presented on limited Digipak CD and coloured Vinyl.

Feb 24 2021
  • #örnatorpet

BHLEG "Ödhin" out now!

Inevitable, as the spreading twilight and turmoil when the blackness of winter swallows the sun, Swedish BHLEG's third full-length album "Ödhin" sweeps the world with icy winds and drowns it in the beautiful colours of the night...

Jan 15 2021
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