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News Articles

BLOOD AND SUN partners with Nordvis

We’re proud to announce that we have forged a union with American folk singer & songwriter Luke Tromiczak and his outlet Blood and Sun. Blood and Sun emanates a vision that shares a common ground with several elements...

Dec 9 2019
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  • #folk

A Fire's Blessing | New EP from Prag 83

After the latest “Énouement” EP, Prag 83 rises again with a digital release displaying a journey through memories and inner landscapes...

Dec 1 2019
  • #Prag 83
  • #New releases
  • #folk

LÖNNDOM | Fälen Från Norr

The desolate northern wilderness. The forests, the mountains, the wide uninhabited expanse - stark and raw, yet beautiful and poetic in its own right. LÖNNDOM's debut "Fälen från norr" is an aural testament that these energies are not only to be found in our spatial dimensions, but can also be manifested in time via honest and heartfelt songcraft.

Nov 8 2019
  • #lönndom
  • #new releases

ÖRNATORPET | Vid Himinsenda out now!

Today, dungeon synth sorcerer Örnatorpet returns with the new anticipated album "Vid Himinsenda"

Oct 31 2019
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  • #dark ambient
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SKOGEN | Svitjod DLP back in stock!

Oct 22 2019

ARMAGEDDA | Only True Believers out now!

Oct 18 2019

PANPHAGE | New items in stock!

Oct 10 2019

EHLDER | Nordabetraktelse out now!

Oct 9 2019

BHLEG | Äril out now!

Sep 29 2019

BHLEG | New single out today!

Sep 6 2019