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News Articles

Introducing Bards of Skadi and the new single "Iduns långdans"

Today, we present “Iduns långdans” (‘Idun’s long dance’) as a first glimpse into “Glysisvallur” – the debut offering from Bards of Skaði. This new music project features Swedish folk musicians Thomas von Wachenfeldt and Göran Månsson and is set for release by Nordvis on November 24, 2023...

Sep 29 2023
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Out now: Grift - Dolt land

Grift’s fourth studio album, “Dolt land” (‘Hidden land’), is a profound exploration of humankind’s bond with nature. With folkloric sounds and heartfelt lyrics, the multidisciplinary Swedish music project takes listeners on a journey into the heart of the wild...

Sep 21 2023
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Noitila: Second single from the upcoming album

“Langennut” is the second single and title track from the upcoming debut album of Noitila, due for release on October 20, 2023...

Sep 15 2023
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Forndom: New single and release announcement

Today we present “Aska” (‘Ash’), the first single from Forndom’s “Alster” – a piano work of contemporary classical with a distinct Scandinavian atmosphere. Due for release on October 6, 2023...

Sep 7 2023
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Out now: Waldgeflüster - "Femundsmarka"

Twelve years after its original release, Nordvis presents this remastered version of Waldgeflüster’s “Femundsmarka – Eine Reise in drei Kapiteln”. The album chronicles a trek undertaken by the band’s mastermind, Winterherz, and his brother, P, through the Femundsmarka National Park in Norway...

Sep 1 2023
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