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In the remote forests of north-eastern Finland, a primal force has been unleashed. Noitila, translated roughly as ‘Witches’ Bay’, resonates with the ancient echoes of a sacred land where worlds and energies intersect.

The band is intimately connected with its recording sanctuary – an old family cabin, using minimalist equipment and instruments. No metronome, three microphones, and a passion for the ancient sounds of Ildjarn, Ulver, Isengard, Bathory, Satyricon, Tulus, and Beherit – this is black metal distilled to its essence. Primitive, soulful, and unfiltered.

“Langennut” (‘Fallen into the Chasm’), the title of the project’s debut album, is a concept from Finnish folklore: a portal between reality and the realm of death, a bridge to places hidden beneath earth and water, tied to timeless magic and sexual mysticism. As such, the record was forged in a place where black metal is not just a musical genre but a spiritual channelling. “Langennut” is an offering from a band not defined by its influences but shaped by its environment, background, and primal connection to something beyond our understanding.